November 5, 2018 | Taj Soloman

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A Testimonial To Our Services:

Designer Transport

Designer Transport is the brain child of an experienced management and furniture transport team. With years of knowledge and engagement in the niche market of high-end furniture logistics, transport, warehousing and labour hire.

By outsourcing to HR Pay Solutions we no longer need to focus on the administration of HR and Payroll. We can place more focus on the business. This reallocation allows our business to work smarter rather than just harder”. Sarah Z, National HR and Payroll Manager

The benefits

Let us manage your

HR and Payroll

According to Sarah, one of the main benefits of outsourcing to HR Pay Solutions was the ability to save time spent on payroll and gain more efficient use of our existing management resources”

With many medium to large enterprises, it is the case of where you spend your limited resources. Often it is determined that outsourcing aspects of your business to experts, frees key staff member time to focus on managing the business.

Cost cutting and time saving

Let us manage your

HR and Payroll

“Prior to engaging HR Pay Solutions, we had three members within our HR and Payroll team. By outsourcing our payroll and gaining an efficient HR system, at a competitive price, we were able to completely reduce one headcount and reduce another headcount to part time,” says Sarah.

HR Pay Solutions provided our warehouse facilities with state-of-the-art Facial Recognition time and attendance and payroll software. They also provided our on-road employees with a Geo Location Enabled app that enables them to clock in and out on the road.”

“Further to this, I am now able to focus of what I love doing best, Human Resources and Business Strategy.”

How can we help

We are a Licensed Payroll Provider that provides businesses with Employment life-cycle services spanning Payroll advice & outsourcing, Human Resources advice & outsourcing as well as Safety documentation all through our cloud based customised software solution.

Outsource your HR and Payroll to us and focus on what really matters, your business!

About The Author:

Taj Soloman
Taj Soloman is an established people management professional with experience spanning Payroll, Human Resources, Industrial Relations, Employee Relations and Workplace Health and Safety.
Taj is also the co-founder of HR Pay Solutions providing customers with a total solution to employee management.