Fair Work Commission claims are on the rise and out-of-date processes can result in enormous risk to your business

Take advantage of our Health Check combined with our HR and Payroll services to quickly get a handle on any unnecessary risks you may be running

We developed our Health Check to reveal precisely any risks you may face. We’ll conduct a full audit of your existing processes, policies, procedures and documents to ensure your business complies with the relevant legislation. Our Health Check services includes a thorough review of your current HR, Payroll and Safety systems, processes and documents, to identify areas of risk and exposure.

We will walk you through a series of assessments designed to review the current state of your practices, maturity and any limitations that may be affecting your employment management practices and compliance. We will also identify opportunities to improve your team’s performance, development and engagement.

Recruitment and selection

Induction and on-boarding

Modern Award Compliance

Enterprise Agreement Compliance

Payroll Check and Compliance

Government reporting Compliance

Entitlements Compliance

Probation management

Training and development

Discipline and exit management

Workplace Investigation management

Safety and Risk Management

By understanding the status of your systems and documentation, you can then make the necessary changes to avoid any employee claims through the Fair Work Commission, Industrial Relations or the ATO.

Following our assessment, you will be provided with a detailed report with recommendations and priorities to ensure compliance and achieve best practice. We will find out what you have (and don’t have) in place, identify areas of risk, and make recommendations on how you can ensure workplace compliance and work towards best practice.

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