December 8, 2018 | Taj Soloman

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Planning your next Christmas Party

Christmas parties provide employees with the opportunity to have a few drinks and socialise with their colleagues in a relaxed and informal atmosphere.

Unfortunately, this mix of alcohol and festivity inevitably increases the risk of employees displaying inappropriate behaviour, such as sexual harassment and bullying.


End of Year Party

When planning a Christmas party consider diversity related issues as some employees do not celebrate Christmas. We recommend changing the theme and name of the party to “End of Year Party”


Implement policies and procedures which deal with the behaviour expected of employees at work functions and educate them on these policies and procedures

Set Expectations

Send out notification advising employees of the end of year parties and set your expectations. Employees need to understand that these are work functions and employees must comply with the company’s policies and procedures.


Nominate employees from the management team to supervise the Party and are capable of dealing with any issues that may arise at the event.

Be Responsible

If you are holding the party at a location which is a significant distance from the workplace, consider transport for your employees to and from the venue.

If serving alcohol, be responsible

Be Prompt

If a complaint arises as a result of the party, make sure it is dealt with promptly and is investigated in a fair and equitable manner.

How can we Help

Our staff possess over 15 years experience in Human Resources and we can provide your business with the “know how” on how to deal with end of year parties and issues that may arise.

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