• Let all the candidates come to you.
  • Never access each and every single recruitment channel to review your candidates.
  • Review all your applications from the major recruitment channels via the software alone and make your decisions on the right candidate.


  • Employees are able to access the software from the moment they accept their employment agreement
  • Discover teams, learn more about the organisation, read company policies and other relevant content.
  • All that with complete flexibility from their smartphone.

Performance Management

  • Convert performance into a conversation with coaching, continuous feedback and ongoing development plans.

Talent Management

  • Manage learning requests, licence expiry dates, certificates, enrolments, cancellations and withdrawals.
  • Alert your managers and employees when licences are to expire.


  • Take preventative approach by identifying workplace hazards and identified risks recorded against location and or equipment.
  • Drill into root cause assessing risk and probability, and assign all the necessary control actions to eliminate the risk.


  • Manage recruitment, onboarding, time and attendance, leave and control your business and its labour resources effectively from one location.


Use our software to connect with your accounting and payroll providers.

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