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A Testimonial To Our Services

“Payroll was taking over 4 hours a day and it was far too labour intensive. The HR Pay Solutions software and their add-on services has saved Yorgum a lot of time”

Yorgum Aboriginal Corporation is an Aboriginal Community Controlled, not for profit organisation providing community-based healing, counselling, support and referral services to all Indigenous people based in Perth . Yorgum’s vision is to provide a nurturing and safe place that promotes the strength and resilience of Aboriginal people through culturally appropriate healing.

Seamlessly manage multiple locations all from one platform

Dion Storey, Corporate Services Manager at Yorgum Aboriginal Corporation, has been with Yorgum for over three years and is responsible for the management of Human Resources and other business functions. With over 4 locations across WA, Yorgum Aboriginal Corporation possesses a high-functioning team, working with the public sector to provide culturally secure, trauma-informed services.

“Yorgum is in the not-for profit sector and we need to ensure our staff are able to effectively assist their clients,” Dion explains. “One of the reasons Yorgum required something like HR Pay Solutions was to be able to better manage our HR and Payroll Processes accurately and efficiently”, explains Dion.

What Payroll Solution was Used Previously

Yorgum Aboriginal Corporation migrated to HR Pay Solutions in May 2019. Previously, the payroll was completed internally via MYOB Account Right Live and a separate time and attendance system. The main issue with this was the time required by Yorgum staff to manage time and attendance and process the payroll.

HR Pay Solutions provided Yorgum with one software that manages onboarding, time and attendance, payroll and human resources.

“Everything with HR Pay Solutions is really efficient. They answer our calls and emails promptly and always find the time to service our enquiries”

Why The Switch

Yorgum Aboriginal Corporation underwent a rigorous process when evaluating their payroll options with three key assessment criteria:

Efficient labour and cost centre management

1. Ability to cost labour directly to jobs and cost centres within Yorgum

2. A system that would integrate as seamlessly as possible to the general ledger format used with Yorgum’s internal accounting system

3. Good value for money (considering the initial and recurring costs associated with the solution)

“The HRPAY platform enables Yorgum to remain compliant and keep on top of our Government Reporting”

The Benefits

Savings in time – “We have saved over 3 hours a week on HR and Payroll related tasks,” Dion says.

Error reduction – Dion explains that the solution provided by HR Pay Solutions has assisted with Yorgum error reduction. “Yorgum has a complicated Industrial Relations systems and HR Pay Solutions is able to deliver. Through their software and services, Yorgum is able to ensure they meet their compliance requirements”.

A system working seamlessly with your business

Increased employee satisfaction – Dion says that, “The HR Pay Solution’s app and the Employee Self-Service (ESS) function has been well received by all Yorgum employees. They can see what leave they have owed and so on. Staff can jump in at any point in time. I think staff find it much easier to plan their leave when they know how much they can apply for. They can look at the calendar as they go.”

Ease of use – “I think most people find the HR Pay Solutions software easy to use. Yorgum Staff can go into the app and have a look at their own payslips and leave balances online.”

Reporting – Being able to see electronic HR document acknowledgement, leave reports and the like is really handy,” Dion says. Dion explains that “the HR Pay Solutions system provides advanced reporting that has actually improved how Yorgum manages costs and staff”.

Onboarding – Dion commented that, “the onboarding process is great, and employees have further commented that the HR Pay Solutions process is responsive, informative and easy”.

Compliance – “HR Pay Solution’s Human Resource services has assisted with legislative compliance requirements, specifically in relation to employment contracts, policies and procedures,” Dion explains.

“Time and Attendance, Increased Efficiency, Customer Service, Seamless Integration and Employee Self Service are some of HR Pay Solution’s best features”

How we can help

HR and Payroll Experts Working As An Extension Of Your Business

We believe that Outsource providers and in-house payroll representatives should understand how payroll works and calculations are made to therefore ensure accurate input of data and compliance is achieved. HR Pay Solutions has worked with a wide array of Australian businesses across many industries and helped them achieve operational excellence and compliance. We are a Government licensed Payroll provider and our staff possess over 15 years in this field with the “know how” to deal with your requirements.

We provide our customers with a platform and services to mitigate compliance risk, deliver business insight and gain operational efficiencies. From software to outsourcing solutions, organisations of all sizes can take advantage of HR Pay Solutions deep expertise to free their team resources and help them focus on driving greater business results.

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About The Author:

Taj Soloman
Taj Soloman is an established people management professional with experience spanning Payroll, Human Resources, Industrial Relations, Employee Relations and Workplace Health and Safety. Taj is also the co-founder of HR Pay Solutions providing customers with a total solution to employee management.