November 5, 2019 | Taj Soloman

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A Testimonial To Our Services

“HR Pay Solutions helped increase overall productivity by up to 24%”

Showtex Australia is a branch of Showtex Belgium and is a worldwide leader in inventing, manufacturing, selling, and installing the most innovative flame-retardant curtain fabrics, tracks, and motion control systems for achieving the creative vision of event and entertainment professionals.

Alan Scoley is the managing director here at Showtex Australia managing operations. He required a service that can manage his entire employee life cycle. “One of the reasons that we wanted something like HR Pay Solutions was to be have a company that can manage Showtex Australia’s time and attendance, payroll and HR requirements without the need to go to separate providers”, Says Alan. “We wanted a one stop shop”.

“By outsourcing to HR Pay Solutions we no longer need to focus on the administration of Payroll or Human Resources. We can place more focus on the business. This reallocation allows Showtex staff to work smarter rather than just harder” Alan Scoley, Managing Director.”

The Benefits

Accurate facial recognition time & attendance package

According to Alan, one of the main benefits of outsourcing to HR Pay Solutions was the ability to save time spent on Payroll and Human Resources to gain more efficient use of our existing management resources. We also needed to ensure Showtex Australia was compliant and in line with its Global requirements. Even though Alan did not take care of the payroll himself, he still noticed the many benefits of outsourcing payroll to HR Pay Solutions.

“The implementation was simple and straightforward – a number of forms were completed and employee details provided. It was a breeze,” explains Alan.

“One of the main benefits of outsourcing to HR Pay Solutions is the peace of mind”

Great Service

Alan explains that the solution provided by HR Pay Solutions has assisted with Showtex Australia with error reduction, time savings and cost cutting. Through HR Pay Solution’s software and services, ShowTex is able to ensure they their compliance requirements while increasing productivity.

Alan believes the service his business receives from HR Pay Solutions is the reason for the strong relationship between the two companies. “I always get very personal service. My consultant always processes my payroll on time and accurately. The communication between Showtex Australia and HR Pay Solutions is very good and that’s important.”

“Furthermore we can review individual productivity with a quick comparison between individual labour costs and sales.” Alan suggests HR Pay Solutions also aids in keeping Showtex employees happy. “Staff are more confident about an external specialist doing the calculations. HR Pay Solutions also understand our confidentiality and security requirements, down to the way the payslips are provided.”

“With many medium to large enterprises, it is the case of where you spend your limited resources. Often it is determined that outsourcing aspects of your business to experts, ensures compliance and frees key staff member time to focus on managing the business.”

How we can help

HR and Payroll Experts Working As An Extension Of Your Business

We believe that Outsource providers and in-house payroll representatives should understand how payroll works and calculations are made to therefore ensure accurate input of data and compliance is achieved. HR Pay Solutions has worked with a wide array of Australian businesses across many industries and helped them achieve operational excellence and compliance. We are a Government licensed Payroll provider and our staff possess over 15 years in this field with the “know how” to deal with your requirements.

We provide our customers with a platform and services to mitigate compliance risk, deliver business insight and gain operational efficiencies. From software to outsourcing solutions, organisations of all sizes can take advantage of HR Pay Solutions deep expertise to free their team resources and help them focus on driving greater business results.

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Taj Soloman
Taj Soloman is an established people management professional with experience spanning Payroll, Human Resources, Industrial Relations, Employee Relations and Workplace Health and Safety. Taj is also the co-founder of HR Pay Solutions providing customers with a total solution to employee management.