Facial Recognition

This technology is used to make the clock-in and clock-out process seamless, reducing the process time to seconds, avoiding queues and employee frustration during peak periods.

  • GEO Location enabled
  • Avoid “buddy-clocking”
  • Positively identifying individuals

Photo Capture

This type of system easily allows employees to clock on/off. It captures the employee’s photo and the built in real time clock identify variances between rostered and actual time worked.

  • Quickly add new employees to get them working immediately.
  • GEO Location enabled
  • Seamless integration

Employee ID

  • This is set up through any enabled device (computer, laptop, tablet)
  • Employees can clock on/off by entering their unique employee ID and PIN
  • Capture all times worked
  • Track events of each clock activity through our Kiosk Activity Report


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