October 8, 2018 | Taj Soloman

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A Testimonial To Our Services:

Smiles On Chapel

Save time by

Outsourcing your

HR and Payroll

“If I had to process the payroll and calculate superannuation contributions myself, it would easily take me an entire day. Why spend my valuable time when I could hand it over to payroll experts and spend 15 minutes every fortnight”. Aiman, Managing Director

Smiles on Chapel is family focused dental practice. Aiman’s vision was to create an environment in which the best possible dental care for children and adults can be offered.

The management team at Smiles on Chapel appreciate the advice and information provided by HR Pay Solutions and use it as a reference if employees have any payroll related questions. “It is so easy to make a payroll mistake and it could take me forever to resolve it. The payroll services, advice and information I receive from HR Pay Solutions sets my mind at ease


Let us manage your

HR and Payroll

and keep your

business compliant

“Because I use HR Pay Solutions, I know all my HR and Payroll processes remain compliant,” says Aiman. “There are so many complications and changes and I don’t have time to worry about them. These are not my area of expertise and HR Pay Solutions keeps me educated and informed about these changes and lets me focus on growing my business.”

“All new employees recieve up to date employment contracts, their policies and procedures and are always paid accurately and on time. They receive their payslips every pay run and their leave is automatically tracked. I use the payroll reports provided by HR Pay Solutions to help me manage my labour better and I even use HR Pay Solutions Payroll Software to remind me of my employees’ birthdays, which promotes a positive work place.” Says Aiman. “When I need assistance, I know that help is only a phone call away.”

How can we Help

We are a Licensed Payroll Provider that provides businesses with Employment life-cycle services spanning Payroll advice & outsourcing, Human Resources advice & outsourcing as well as Safety documentation all through our cloud based customised software solution.

Outsource your HR and Payroll to us and focus on what really matters, your business!

About The Author:

Taj Soloman
Taj Soloman is an established people management professional with experience spanning Payroll, Human Resources, Industrial Relations, Employee Relations and Workplace Health and Safety.
Taj is also the co-founder of HR Pay Solutions providing customers with a total solution to employee management.